I can't ️ I'm so in love with him!
We at rehearsal working hard 🏼😬
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#31daysofthankfulness my big brother @abattle216 !!!! He's been playing drums for me for a while now and he's soooo talented, but more than that his heart is literally gold! I feel so blessed to know you A and to share the stage with you! Your a good leader and an amazing friend! Thank you for everything!!!!! #ilooksoshort #jeffsface #family
Just finished some vocals and I'm super happy bout it 🏼🏼🏼
Hey ️#cheesin #myhappyplace
Perfect morning for donuts with the fam :) @five_daughters_bakery
#31daysofthankfulness my papaw :)
This is my focused face! Work work work.
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#31daysofthankfulness This beautiful family :) my brother and my best friend and there sweet sweet babies! My brother has been my best friend since I was born and Jenn has been my best friend since I was 13! My two bffs! These are some of the best best people you will ever know! I'm thankful for who they are in the earth for the kingdom and who they are to me! 🏼🏼🏼️️️

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