Me headed to the studio to lay down somethin sweet! Love yall, thank u for continued support! :)
Did I mention I have cutest baby girl EVER! #blessed
This is what happens when daddy falls asleep on the couch. :) we put stickers on his face :)
@capitolrecords workin on something for you!!!! :)
Something special coming to you very soon ! :)
Be of Good cheer! This is the day the Lord has made, I will REJOICE and BE GLAD in it. Fear and anxiety steal the PEACE that Christ died for. Don't let that happen. REST IN JESUS.
Hope :)
Proverbs 1:7 I wanna hear, listen, obey! :)
Uno with the fam :)
Me,my princess, and my bump :)
Merry Christmas from our family to yours! :) last year we took a Christmas morning selfie and wanted to continue the tradition! :) We are so blessed and so grateful for all God has done in our life this year! :) We are also so grateful for each one of you! Your love, support and prayers mean so much to us! :) We believe that this will be your best year yet! :) MERRY CHRISTMAS, The Crosbys
Took my man to see @tonybennett with the Nashville symphony :) love when we get sweet times like this together! :) also love our pose in this pic. Ha ha
32 weeks! :) only 8 more to go! :)
Mornin walks in LA. #wethairdontcare
Missin my fam this mornin. Good thing I have another baby in my belly to keep me company! :)
Up in the studio with the one and only @rodneyjerkins :) #thankful
In LA, my driver is listening to @joelosteen …. my driver yesterday listened to gospel music the whole drive! :)
Today is this handsome mans birthday! He is strong, faithful, prayerful, full of life, joy, and patience and he is my best friend for life! I adore him! I still look at him and can't believe he's mine. He's the best dad and the best husband! I'm so thankful I get to share forever with him. HAPPY BIRTHDAY @charlessweet :) your my rock and I'm so happy that God gave me you!
Good Morning friends! :) We have decided to continue our sale at 25% off through Dec 31!!! :) We didn't want anyone to miss out! :) So head on over to and get your shop on! :) P.S. I'm so excited for Christmas!!! :)
Also our thanksgiving was perfect with family and friends! :) ( everyone just left so just posting ) I hope your thanksgiving was amazing! :) I'm thankful for my family and my new lil baby in my belly! :)
It’s been an incredible year out on the road. Thanks for all of your support! If you weren’t able to catch a show, we’ve added all of my tour merchandise to my online store and we're having a huge Cyber Monday sale, 35% off all day! Tag your friends and go to and click “shop”. The code for the sale is HOLIDAY. The link is in my profile :) Merry Christmas!
Count it all joy!
Hangin out yesterday morning @baristaparlor with @3strandsglobal :) so excited about all they are doing! Reminding women of their worth! I saw this sign there yesterday and thought I would snap a quick pic! :) I know Gold has been out for a couple years, but y'all have continued to support this record and that is a reminder to me that this song "Gold" is more than a song. It is a life long message, for us to remember our worth. It's so easy to get down on ourselves and see the worst but God sees our true worth even through our sin, sickness, brokenness, fear, hate, he sees it all…All the bad yet thought we were worth so much that He gave up His son that we might be saved! Remember your worth today! Love you!
Played my last show of the year last weekend with this precious one! Happy to be home now with my family and working on new music for yall ! :) #staytuned :)
So proud of my husband @charlessweet :) he produced the new @matkearney single "HEART BEAT" and many more amazing songs on the record! :) go get it on iTunes right now!:) and mat is a killer songwriter! So proud of them both!
Taking a minute to sip on some (decaf) coffee and enjoy this mug that @143brittnicole made for me! Emma you are such a BEAUTIFUL girl and you encouraged me so much this weekend! Thank you @itsmakennaleigh and @munchkintaneous for your letters too! :) Thankful for all these sweet girls this morning and their support! :)
Last show of the year is tonight in Louisville KY ! Be there!
Great show tonight! :) the crowd was on point!!! Blessed to get to do this!!!
Backstage at Liberty University! Excited for the show tonight with @forkingandcountry :) come see us!! :)
26 weeks! Also forgot to post my costume " pregnant cat " ;)
Happy Fall :)
New twister game with mine and @charlessweet song on the cover of the box ! Get it and dance to "Glow!" :) p.s. This was my favorite game growing up ! :)
Starbucks and Studio !
Instagram Image
Headed to studio this Monday morning to make some boss music :) #imsleepy #canthavecaffeinecuzimpreggo #dangit #:)
My family! :) #Godissogood #grateful #blessed
Family Days are my favorite days! :) this Saturday we went to a farm that had so many fun activities for kids! :) we had a blast. #october #fallismyfav
Last weeks show in Phoenix! :) Tonight we are in SC at the South Carolina State Fair! Come see us peeps!
Met this sweet fan at the airport! :)
Congrats @owlcityofficial :) thanks for havin me sing with ya' :)
Last night in Phoenix! :) thanks everyone for coming out!
Backstage with @lecrae :) such a fun night!
Thank you @bubbawatson for what you do! Thankful to be a part of tonight's show with @lecrae @andymineo @judahsmith
We comin for you Phoenix! :) see you tonight!
Ummmm you don't wanna miss this! Be there! :)))))
So excited about this collaboration with @owlcityofficial :) thankful to sing with such great talent! check it out on @itunes today! :)
Gettin some help on my vocals today!! :) go Santana! :) #newmusic #getready
And my other fav, my mom! :) her bday is tomorrow so everybody go wish her a happy birthday! :)
At the park with my favs, I love October! :)
Hope ya'll had a happy Sunday! :)
Walk over from the kitchen and Ella's in my guitar case reading, ha ha! :) #lovemorningswithella
My view for the day! Studio makin music for the people :) #letsgo
Marriage mission! :) thanks @jennjohnson20 for posting! :) so good!
This! Stole pic from @laneyredmon :) thanks lane for the reminder :)
Swag! ;)
Showtime! :)
Sold out show in Minnesota with @gogevent ! :) such an awsome day! :)
@22jhamp can jump! :) we love doing what we do for yall! Thank u for supporting us! :)
Ella leading me to the stage! :) #blessedtotravelwithmygirl
Meeting sweet fans @gogevent in Minnesota
Tonight's show in PA was so fun! :) thank you everyone who came out!
Flyin high in Ohio yesterday! :)
Also, I got caught in the streamers, ha ha ;)
St Louis showed up yesterday! :) God moved and it was powerful! :)
We do everything together! Soundcheck earlier today at six flags in St Louis with #Joyfm :) so grateful that God gave me Ella! She is a road baby and loves it!
Family :)
Thank you everyone who came out to #nightofjoy last night and all of you who watched it online! :) it was a fun time with wonderful people! :)
4am Soundcheck going over the show! :) see ya tonight! :)
Be there! :)
Ella trying to get my ears, ha ha! :) having fun with my sweet family today! :)
At the castle with the princess!
Excited to announce baby Crosby #2 on the way! :)
Studio ! HEY! :) #thatsbeefjerkeyonmyleg #hungry #allicouldfind #hahahaha
Headed to our next session! So blessed to have @charlessweet as my husband and to be able to work together for something bigger than us!
On tha corner of Hollywood and Vine
Late night Session @capitolrecords @melaniejoyfontana & @charlessweet
She's my sunshine!
First session @capitolrecords with my new friend Brett and @charlessweet ! We wrote a killer song, can't wait for yall to hear! :)
We back! :) happy to be here :)
Hello Portland!
Tonight @soulfest with my family @robnixmd @abattle216 @philmobass @timdillon @55mgmt @laneyredmon @22jhamp @tseilhamer @coryfournier @taylorgrubbs love these people ! :) so many peoples there! :)
Fun shot with @GOPro @soulfest tonight! :)
My beautiful girl is fully walking and on the move! She is so special and I can't wait to see her face and kiss it tomorrow!
@laneyredmon and @22jhamp goin in!!!
Last night was a special night! Peoples hearts were forever changed! Thankful for nights like these.
Love this shot of a fan and the GOPro cam from tonight :)
Tonight @unityfest ! :) Michigan you were soo much fun! I love you!
This is my video guy!:) @tseilhamer he told me tonight that he has never taken a selfie so of course we had to take one! :) #herules
Yall are my friends! :)
Thank you fans for showing up night after night! This weekend we will be in Michigan and New Hampshire! Check out for details! :)
Here we come Michigan! :) see you tonight!
Last night @creationfest ! Thank you @creationfest for having us! :) thank you awsome fans for making us smile' and thank you Jesus for your power, grace, and love! :) #goodtimeswerehadbyall
So beautiful here! :)
Goin to da show :) @creationfest
We headed to @creationfest Washington! :) get ready peoples! :) we love our fans!!!! We make music for you!!!!!!
The best pop drink ever made, I'm enjoying it
Ella and daddy watching mommy!
Instagram Image
Headed to dinner! :)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELLA! :) we had the best day yesterday! :) I love u my sweet girl! :)
Yesterday we celebrated our princess 1 year old birthday with friends and family, it was a perfect day and Ella had so much fun! Ella brings me and daddy so much joy! She is full of life and love for everyone she meets! Happy birthday Ella! You are mommys angel, I love you!
Summer festivals:)
Hometown show! NC always shows up!
Let's play a show!
About to fly on this gorgeous day!
Hey friends! I got this tshirt in the mail a few days ago from a dear friend @kellitrontel ! @kelliandvanessa created this shirt as a reminder that the time and attention we pour into our children's lives matters. Our legacy is the story we are writing together, chapters full of boundless hope and unconditional love. I'm telling you it could not have come on a better day. I was having a moment where I just felt not good enough, overwhelmed, tired, and discouraged. But God is so good to know what we need at the right moment. Thank you @kelliandvanessa for making this shirt! I could not wait to put it on! It really is a reminder that every moment spent pouring into the lives of the people you love matters. I feel special when I wear it! And it's not just for moms it's for everyone and anyone who wants to leave a legacy of love! So seriously you should get one and support my friends and also you will feel like a million bucks when u wear it! Not discouraged, not "not enough" but excited about the small things and big things you do to show your love! Also it's cute and comfy! And ….if you purchase one, $5 is donated to A21 to put an end to human trafficking. Because she is someone's daughter, sister, mother! Support my friends yall and buy a shirt that makes a difference in your life and in the life of someone else!
Happy 4th from me and my hubs! :) thankful to live in the land of the free and the home of the brave! Thank you to all the men and women who have given their lives for our country and Thank you to the wives and children who have sacrificed so much!
Tonight at freedom fest! I love this band! These guys are the truth!
Meeting the best fans @celfreedom! This is why we make music! :)
Last night @celfreedom ! It was a great night! :)
Creation was fun! Thank you everyone who came out!
Today at creation festival! :)
Fun!!! :)
These two gettin it! :) @laneyredmon @22jhamp
My princess took her first steps today! I was beaming with pride and joy! Oh the joys of being Ella's mommy! She's so smart and brave! I can't wait to see how she impacts this world! :) yah!!!!! Go Ella!!!! Mommys proud of you!
My best friend
Us in NC! We wanna "look like love" … Sometimes it's hard to love but let your prayer be today that God would give you the grace to love even when it's hard! He will help you! :) love yall!
Me and @laneyredmon doin it BIG! #wegohard #dasmygurlforeal
Last nights show in NC! :)
So excited for all that God is doing! #team #new #idome … Thursdays show @alivefestival
Beach time was good! :)
Happy Fathers day DAD! Me and Ella love you soooo much! :) your a wonderful papaw!
Happy 1st Fathers Day Babe! You make me and Ella strong! We are so thankful for you! We LOVE you more than anything!!!! @charlessweet
Just picked up one of our new ROYALTY hats! You can get one at summer festivals starting this weekend! :)
This was not posed #forrealasleep
Ella's with mommy at rehearsal today and learning to play guitar!
A kitten with a gold chain
Come see us this summer! :) #wewontletyoudown
Been rehearsing non stop, I be tired.
My friend is back! I love @laneyredmon :)
My heart beats for her!
@christincookzito did this! Love her :) #idome
AMAZING team today! @christincookzito @lot35 @joshlauritch :)
Just workin on something sweet! #toseeyougottacometoourshow #letsgo
Never saw this until now! Me and @amygrant ! Same hair, same jacket! I'm truly a child of the 80s! :)
We up in here wrkin on our show!
Be you! Goodnight peeps! Love yall
Me n my studhubs ! :)
#klovefanawards red carpet fun
Me and @nataliegrant ! Love her
About to present award for male artist of the year with @sidewalkprophets
This is what #klovefanawards is all about FANS! I love this little girl! :) thank you fans for supporting us artist!
Havin fun with Scott and Kelly on the red carpet ! :) #klovefanawards
About to hit the red carpet! :)
Ha ha we kept trying to take this pic….. We are excited for tonight! :) #klovefanawards
Goodnight peeps! Excited for tomorrow! :) @klovefanawards
@kloveawards songwriter showcase!
Don't give up
Instagram Image
Land of the free home of the brave!
Thank you to the men and women who have fought for our country! We honor you!
here’s my video! #voteforbritt #klovefanawards – @laneyredmon
ok! make your “vote for britt” sign, rock some dances moves to your favorite Britt Nicole song and post it to instagram with the hashtags #voteforbritt and #klovefanawards. let’s do this! – @laneyredmon
Hey! Britt's band is taking over her Instagram today, so listen up!! Our girl is nominated for Female Artist of the Year for the #klovefanawards! Have you voted yet? Go to and show Britt some love! – @laneyredmon
You are pretty stinkin’ awesome! thanks for showing your love for Britt. If you haven’t voted for her yet in the #KLOVEFanAwards …go make it happen and show her some love! – @philmobass
Don’t wait…cast your vote in the @KLOVEFanAwards and support MY city, Detroit! For every 500,000 votes, @KLOVEradio and @weareworldhope will provide a house for a family in need. This is incredible! Please support this cause by voting for Britt! – @robnixmd
Where my true Britt Nicole fans at? Show her some love today by voting for her in the @KLOVEFanAwards. Do it! – @robnixmd
:) mmm mmmm good!! :) #thisiswhatlifesallabout
This is what we do
Today #loveyall
Hey everyone vote TODAY at :) @weareworldhope and @kloveradio are making a difference in the lives of people in DETROIT !!!! :)
Me n Ella in the studio! :) this is the piano that Adele used for the recording of "someone like you" pretty cool to get to play it! :) #sweetmomentswithmygirl
" He will carry you" – @rhondaredmon thank u for loving me and my baby girl! We miss u n Laney!
Instagram Image
I know Mother's Day is over, but I just want to take a minute to talk about how amazing my momma is! 1st off, she's GORGEOUS,, so that's that, but shes so much more, she loves so well, she brings joy to the people she's around, and she's a constant support and believer in me and my brother, and she's just sweet! :) I love u so much mom!
Instagram Image
I spent all day yesterday loving on my precious little girl! Being Ella's mama is my favorite thing in the whole wide world!! Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful moms out there!
My husband @charlessweet ! So sweet and thoughtful! I love him ! Came downstairs yesterday morning, and he had this new keyboard waiting for me for Mother's Day! :) thank u baby! I love u
My team! Love.
Dancin in the studio with my favorite girl
I LOVE THIS! I gave her my crown at my last show and she's rocking it in subway! :) #whywedowhatwedo
A couple weekends ago in Boca! :) excited for all the spring and summer shows coming up! Make sure you come see us ! :)
Thank you @weareworldhope for the hope you are bringing to Detroit! :)
LOVE THIS! #govote #itmakesadifference
I’m so excited to be a part of this year’s @klovefanawards! I’m honored to be nominated for Female Artist of the Year along with my friends @MandisaOfficial, @FrancescaMusic, @JamieGraceH, @NatalieGrant and @PlumbMusic! Every vote counts to make a difference in Detroit! 2 million votes = 4 new homes for families in need because of @weareworldhope. Vote here: (link is in my profile) #loveyou #makeadifferencefordetroit #klovefanawards #BrittNicole #VoteForBritt
This past weekend! Why we do what we do!
Thank you friends for keeping the Gold album on the charts! #thesunisrising
Morning walks with my beautiful daughter! #iminlove #pinktoms
Morning walks with my beautiful daughter! :) #iminlove #pinktoms
I love this moment in the show! :)
Killin it in color, ha :)
Killin today with my brother and friend @robnixmd ! Love him!
Love my big bro @abattle216 ! Always got my back! :)
Last weeks show withy friend @robnixmd #itwasreal
Jus writin some music
He has always been my best friend! Wish @brynwaddell a happy birthday! :)
Happy birthday brother! I love you! This year is gonna be great!
I heart being in the studio! Ha ha #joshissayingummmyourweirdwithhiseyes
A better shot of the hat! Ha ha :) #somuchfundressingella
Me and the princess! Happy Easter friends! :) He is risen!!!!!!!! Live with joy! With life!
Love this and needed this reminder tonight ! Took from @blanca_callahan page! :) love u Blanca
The love of my life!
Studio with the hubs ! @charlessweet
Morning walks in LA !
Late night studio with @jadenmichaelsofficial :) @charlessweet
My favorite girl!
Just arrived at the studio for our first session! #atpeace #thankful #hopeful #blessed #ilovethisweather
Got in late last night to LA! Ella was soooo good on the long flight! We are here with passion, purpose, vision, and to make a saweeeeeet record!
Good Morning LA! I'm ready for you!
Florida you showed up! Last night was fun!
I love this princess! @laneyredmon #friendsforlife
Just soaking up the sun!
Before I stole @22jhamp hat !
Ice cream shop
Be still and KNOW that I am God! He created the earth, the sea, the flowers, the animals , and YOU and ME! He holds it all in His hands. Don't be afraid! REST and know His love for you is deeper and wider than the ocean! He will NOT fail you friend! He has heard every prayer , even the ones you barely whispered! He will fulfill His promise over your life! Be still, stop striving, stop trying so hard, and wait, because His timing and plan is PERFECT! We don't understand everything now but we will one day, until then I speak hope and peace to you!
This is how we do #florida #team #blessed
Me with my momma!
Walking on sunshine!
Being Ella's mommy is my greatest joy! :) #ilovethispic #shesmysunshine
Instagram Image
So many peoples hearts and hard work made this happen! :) here are some of those amazing peeps! :) @capitolrecords
I was surprised today by my AMAZING label @capitolrecords with my first GOLD plaque for GOLD going GOLD ! :) I am incredibly grateful for my team and everyone who surrounds me with so much love and support! #everydreamwillcometopass #believeit :)
Love this shot from the Gold music video! :)
Me n Ella went shopping and picked out some fresh flowers! :)
Baby shoes! :) #mygirl #sostylish
Missin this one! :) @charlessweet #nofilter #justus #lovehim
Notice a difference from last week? Ha ha #wearetired #workinhard
I love being Ella's mommy!
My sweet band and dancers came to rehearsal with this cookie cake that says congratulations on gold! :). #icried #sosweet #lovethem
Thank you to everyone who bought this single! :) just found out that it went GOLD! So exciting! #goldwentgold
Van rides rule
Gabi "this is soo much fun"
Laney " ok guys I'm a little nervous "
Gabi "seriously guys come on, I wanna jump" @gabidipace @laneyredmon
Britt "hey guys let's take a picture of us jumping," gabi "ok"
Love traveling with these!
Thank you Kentucky!!!! :)
We ready! :) @laneyredmon @22jhamp :
Shooting stars and Parmesan! :) #songweareworkingon
Had fun in LA! Now I'm going home to see my family! :)
Slavery still exist ! #inittoendit pray about what you can do to help!
Headed out to some meetings! :)
Up in the studio with @yaboychizzy @jackieboyz
Cool to share this with some great artist and Capitol! :)
Sat beside these sweet girls @americanidol tonight! They were fans of Gold and promised them I would post this pic! Loved meeting u girls! :)
Hey! :)
Watch idol tonight! U might see me! :)
It's good to be back :)
Rehearsal! :) love my team! :) love practicing! :)
Yesterday my sweetheart turned 7 months old! #myheart
I'm so excited to be playing at @gogevent in Nashville today! Girls, who's coming? #hometownshow #girlsofgrace #brittnicole
Last night ! :) thank u to my team for working so hard! :) thank you God for every opportunity you give us! #donttakeitforgranted
Bout to soar!
1st flight of the day, only two more to see my baby! :) #tired
Thank you #youthquake for having us tonight!!:) it was FUN! :)
Valentines day was a success! :)
We are excited for youthquake! :)
We r in the snow!!!!!
I'm away from my loves today, in Canada doing a show, but they sent me this pic this morning! :) I love my family! Thank you Jesus for the two best blessings in the world! :) my valentines!
Just bein a nerd !
Enter to win the #wheretheloveis giveaway! :)
Love you @charlessweet ! :) you make me happy! #pictureofapicture #maternitypic #latergram
So me and Ella started a baby food company! :) jk! :) #thatwouldbefunthough
It was cold out , so she wore my hat :) #wearebestfriends :)
Having so much fun on the road with my team! :) #thankful oh ….. And come see us! :)
I got to hang with this gem last night! :) oh how I love @gabidipace #sistersforlife
Pure Joy ! #nofilter :) #mybaby #godissoooogood
Thank you @extremefaithpro and everyone who came out last night! :) it was a great night ! :)
I have the best band and dancers! :). #ilovethem
Thought I should stop n pose with @officialtobymac at our show tonight! Ha ha
My sweet girl is 6 months old today ! :) oh how I love her! :)
Ch ch ch chillin backstage with anticipation for tonight's show! :)
He he :) #weareherearizona
This made me smile! :) check it out! Flashmob to #allthistime
Thanks Houston and @ngenradio for a great night ! :)
Ha ha we warmin up !
Good morning, Houston! Excited to be with you for Girl's Night Out with KSBJ. You coming?
My first show of 2014 is Girl's Night Out in Houston with KSBJ, @pattiemallette and @marklowry. Can't wait to see you! You can get your tickets at It's gonna be so much fun!
My man! #hedontneednofilter ;) love u @charlessweet :)
I'm fly! :)
Christmas 2013 was great! :) #thankful ! :)
My Christmas angel! :) #nofilter #justbeautiful
I made a healthy cheesecake, it has no cheese… Crazy, made from cashews, honey, coconut oil, lemon…. And the pie crust is made from pecans and dates! :) it was great! :)
Ella got some Jordans! :)
Daddy and Ella relaxing after the gifts !! :)
I loved this gift, so I put it on right away! :)
My babe @charlessweet made a good turkey! :)
We had a wonderful Christmas and we hope you did too! Here's some pics from our day ! :) #christmasmorningyahhhhhhh …. We rolled over and took a pic! :) ha
Last weekends show! :) love these faces!!! :)
Dancin with my baby by the record machine !
Mommy daddy and Ella on the plane! In tears tonight by the gifts that God has given me!
The love of my life! :) words can't even
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the most amazing husband and dad in the world!!!!!! :) We love you papa and wish we could be with you today on your birthday! We will celebrate soon! :) @charlessweet
I can roll over! :) #growingfast
We dedicated Ella on Sunday! I know her life, her smile, her spirit, her grace, and love will change the lives of many people! Can't wait to see how God uses her!!!! :) #mybeautifulprincess
Ella is already 4 months! :) I can't believe it!
My princess!
You guys have been asking and it's finally here! My online store!!! Get your stocking stuffers! :)
Me, brother, and Ella watching football!
My sweet cousins!!!! #lovefamily
Movies with the sis! @jocelyncrosby :)
Happy thanksgiving!!! :) this year I'm thankful for these two' :)
My FAMILY ! :)
Sittin by the fire! :)
Starbucks and radio interviews! :) enjoying talking to some of my favorite people this morning!!!! :) thank u radio for your continued support!!!! All of you ROCK!!!! :)
Finally a date night with my @charlessweet ! Thank u for making this possible @laneyredmon :) u r the best!
Look what I got out today!!!!! Christmas ornaments! So excited for Christmas this year! :)
Thanks @chanelscampbell for my pink jean jacket!!!! :)
Today @gogevent !!! Many lives were changed and hearts healed! ( pic by @joshlauritch )
Happy birthday to my best friend in the whole wide world!!!!!!! I love u Jenn!!!!!!
The best things in life are free! #morninghugsfromella #nofilter
This weekend @gogevent :) love that I get the chance to speak n sing into girls lives! … Tim killin that guitar
I love my Momma! She came on the bus with me n Ella this weekend!!!! :)
Headed here! Coastal Carolina fair! :) who's coming?
No place like home!!!! But we r missing daddy!!! @charlessweet :)
So thankful for my brother @brynwaddell !!!! Ella loved spending time with him today!
@brynwaddell just brought me a classic NC soft drink and the perfect cheesburger! #happyhappyhappy
Celebrated @whitsauder today and her sweet little baby boy!!!! :) can't wait to meet him ! He's gonna be soooo cute!!! :) love u whit! Hes almost here! :)
We love the mountains!!! Cold air, fireplace, woods, YES! :) @charlessweet I love u! :)
I wanted to sit there for hours!!!!!! #nofilter #uhmazing
God is INCREDIBLE!!!!! so gorgeous! #glaciernationalpark #nofilter
Me n @kellitrontel at #glaciernationalpark :) so beautiful!
So happy that I got to visit @red_caboose and see the beautiful @kellitrontel !!!! :) if you are ever in Montana go check out @red_caboose !!! My favorite coffee shop ever!!! :) and I've been to a lot of them ;)
Such a pretty drive!
Last nights show! Pic by the wonderful @kellitrontel
Had to post this! These beautiful girls at the show last night! :) rockin their crowns!
This weekend is gonna be great! :)
Today in the mountains of Montana! :) and it's snowing!!!! So beautiful here! Thank u Jesus!
Last week at the beach with my boo! :) #yeahshescute
Amazing time @skullchurch tonight! Thank u @levilusko for having us! :)
My beauty! 3 months old! :)
Montana here we come!!! :) Ella wants a nap! :) sweet girl
The doves were fun! Thank u everyone for watching @up_tv and supporting great music! :)
:) doves! Was happy to be there!
Right before we hit the red carpet :)
Backstage with @lecrae at the doves!
Me n my baby at the doves! :)
See dove awards tonight on @up_tv :)
Meeting new friends at the dove awards! :)
In the Tennessean with Toby! :)
Got to open the show with @officialtobymac and diverse city at the dove awards! :)
Selfies backstage! I didn't take any real pics ha ha!
Before the dove awards! :) I got to meet Joyce Meyers! :) best part of today
Me and @officialtobymac on stage at the dove awards!
Right after I sang with @officialtobymac :) thanks Toby for letting me sang with you! So fun :)
fun night!
Red carpet selfies! :)
On the red carpet tonight with this hottie ! @charlessweet :) my goodness
Going on a walk n picking flowers with @bpdwife and Ella ! :)
:) she smiles ALL the time! :)
:) I just LOVE her :)
A Perfect fall day with my perfect girl !
Mommy and Ella rockin our J's on the plane! :)
My princess! :) already 2 months old! :) sweetest thing in the world! #ofcoursenofilter
Shooting a lil video @capitolcmg :)
Yah!!! Thank u @capitolcmgradio for believing in this song!!! And @lecrae for making it sweet! :)
So EXCITED to announce that my Christmas single, "O Come All Ye Faithful" is out today! :) produced by my hubby! Christmas came early! :) go get it!
Another shot from @gogevent ! :)
It has begun!!!! Writing time! :) refreshing….so blessed by the faithfulness of God, He never runs out of ideas!
LOVE this!
Had so much fun @gogevent this weekend! Check for more shows! :)
Morning walk in Tennessee! :) love these quiet moments!
Traveling to Houston for Girls of Grace with my boo and my princess!! :)
Sooo enjoyed my time with the beautiful woman of Arizona this weekend, Gods presence was sweet!!! :)
Watching #MissAmerica and heard my song #GOLD !!! Cool :)
I've missed this guy! Ha ha ha @abattle216 !! Also he just had a Birthday!!! Wish him a great year!!! We love you A!!!
On the road again! Six Flags was a blast! :)
Ella had her fist flight this weekend! All the way to California! She did soooo good! …and rocked her converse like mom! :)
Had to do it early! First taste of fall! Pumpkin spice latte!
Me and my Ella Brave! I'm in LOVE! :)
Rockin my studded hat today! :)
I'm proud to be an American!! :)
Proverbs, word, wisdom ! :) start your morning right!
#latergram #nomakeupmonday #nofilter try it girls, it's freeing! :)
Happy Anniversary to my love, my heart, my husband! This year has been the best year of my life! You are everything to me! #forever
Sent to me from my sweet friend @bpdwife !!! She knows I love the beach!!! :)
Playin at the roxy in LA #tbt!
Me @danielle1596 and mom! :) shopping for baby! :)
So thankful for these gorgeous beauties!!!! Thank you for being true sisters! @whitsauder @bpdwife @heatherjrmarvin @naerob :) love you
Photo booth fun with my girls! :) #ihaveamazingfriends
So good to have my momma in town for my baby shower on Sunday! Yah!!! #latergram !
In the studio working on …… MY CHRISTMAS SONG!
I've never watched the finals like this! @charlessweet has got me into it! :)
My sweet handsome love @charlessweet !
Me n @charlessweet on da beach last week! #takemeback
My family! I love n miss them so much!
In the studio workin on something special for yall! What could it be? Hhhmmmm …….
Me and my sweet baby at the beach! :)
A week at the beach with my boo @charlessweet was exactly what I needed! :)
Last nights beachfest with @codysimpson :) fun night!
Excited for tomorrow's show!!!!! :) lets go!!! @codysimpson @thewanted
Registering with some of my BEST FRIENDS! @lesterme @whitsauder @jobeasleymusic @laneyredmon :)
Had to take this photo from @tiffanythurston ! This is so good!
Yah! GOLD has been #1 for 6 consecutive weeks! Thank you everyone for your support! :) means so much!
Singing on the rooftop of the Peabody hotel! :) thank u @Q1075 in Memphis for having us! :)
Loved being a part of @therevolvetour this year! :) so many lives changed forever! :) thanks @tiffanythurston for the photo;)
Me and sweet Judy @therevolvetour ! :)
Poka dots n keds today! :)
It's just the best! :)
This tour has been a lot of fun!! :) last show is tonight! :) lets go!! :)
Am I taking this GOLD thing too far? #nahhhhhhhhh ;)
Tonight I wore these cheetah @converse shoes on stage! :) #greataudiencebytheway
Morning Bfast with my fav person at one of my fav spots! :)
Me n my beautiful friend @jobeasleymusic on the beach! :)
Me n one of my fav peeps @lesterme on the beach! :)
Me and my sweet baby! :) I can't wait! :)
So sweet!
Lookin out the bus window at these sweet girls n line for the show tonight in NY!
@lesterme @laneyredmon :) so thankful to have these girls on the bus! Family! :)
Me n my friends! :) tonight after the show! @22jhamp @laneyredmon luv them!
Guess who I got to see las! My mother n father in-law!! :) they surprised me at my show! Love them
who's coming to the show tonight?? :)
Ha ha it took a while to get in it but it's safe and we want one! :) @bpdwife so cute!
Me n @bpdwife :) love Her!!!!
Today I wanna
These 2 girls made my night! :) they danced so hard!!! I was singing for yall! Thank u for being so cool!
#Godsnotdeadtour is coming to a city near you!!!! :) u gotta come! :)
#latergram gold tour 2012 !
He he @abattle216 :)
After the show in Troy Michigan! on tour with @newsboys ! Check out all the dates
Friends 4 life! :) after service at world harvest church! :)
Yep I had a Mohawk! It was fun!
Hits deep tour with @officialtobymac and diverse city band! Such an honor!
Last nights sold out show in Troy, Michigan! :)
Do you see what I see? Bojangles is coming to Brentwood! Praise! @naerob
YAH! @brynwaddell surprise birthday was a success! :) he's the best brother in the world! :)
Got to see my lil puppy SI this week in NC! :)
Me n my lil brother @brax_2013 on the lake! :)
Thank u to radio and everyone who has supported and believed in me and this song! GOLD #1
Meeting sweet fans! :)
Singing tonight in California, PA ! :)
Today is @dustinsauder bday!!!! :) wish him a happy one!!!:) we love you Dustin!!!!!!
Feels good to be outside!
Someone needs to hear this.
Good magazine! :) @sisterhoodmag :)
Fish eye! :) @charlessweet @shonlock @lesterme @22jhamp @robnixmd
Gang vocals in the studio tonight with these kids! @lesterme @22jhamp @robnixmd ! @shonlock record sounding sweet! Proud of my baby @charlessweet :)
Post show with @lesterme :) happy shes here! #friends !
day 2 of #Godsnotdeadtour ! love my team! and thank u @newsboys for having us out! :)
If u haven't seen @officialtobymac video for "eye on it " check it! :) loved being a part of it! :)
My view from the back lounge! #buslife #ontour #preggosinginmachine
Radio tour with @capitolrecords ! :)
Sooo excited to be at Horizon Church in Del Mar, CA! Amazing people! If you live close by come out tonight and tomorrow! :)
I find it very interesting that this is the only book that is in every hotel room! Must be a reason! :) #truth
Blue mascara! I like it! :)
It's snowing here in Nashville, but I'm pretending that spring really is here! Thanks @whitsauder for the beautiful flowers
Thankful for you @charlessweet :)
No fear! No worry! Only trust!
Made this cherry cheesecake for my boo! And for me:) yummmmy!
Sunshine and my boo! Spending the day with my love!
I don't even know how many flights I've been on this month but all I know is that I'm going HOME ! And I get to see my husband! Thank u Jesus!
With @Kiss1075@Chancekiss1075 @iamjmartinez such a great time! :)
Again, why we do what we do! :) God loves people! :)
Just singing away @1059kissfm thank u Tabitha for having a great event! :)
Enjoyed my time @wixx with @otis_day and Corey! Thank u for having me! :)
Instagram Image
In between the trees!
@abattle216 :) he he !
Pretty sunset
Where I belong! In the sun n by the beach! #beachgirlforlife
I have a show today in the Florida keys!
Flyin to Florida! Bye Kansas City
Nerds are cool!
This guy is the real deal! So grateful to have met him! :) and he loves NC! :) @B96Radio @EBUNC1 thank u for having me!
@1035kissfm with @jordanradioshow in Chicago! :) thank u for chillen with us!
With my friend Erik @1035kissfm :)
@wzpl with the @smileyradioshow !!! This guy is funny! :)
With JR @wzpl I loved hanging with u and your team! :)
This is my sweet friend from @hot1079 thank u for my beautiful glitter sign that u made!
Hangin with some sweet fans @hot1079 !
The amazing team @hot1079 Thanks @philbecker for having me! Such a great team!
Sound checking @hot1079 :
This is what we have been driving through! Someone please take me to the sun!
Such a great night! These r my friends watching from home! :) I have the best friends! #thankful
Pics from the NEW #GOLD record! Hope u all are loving the new remixes! :) holla!!! :)
The whole @mccoy955 fam! :)
@979wnci with the great @mccoy955 !! Thank u for all your support! :) love ur family!
@979wnci with @mccoy955 daughters!!! :) they r precious!!! :)
Me and the sweet @nikolinaQ92 :) So thankful we got to hang a lil yesterday! :) great event!
These r my friends! @nikolinaQ92 and the @q92 team !!!! :) thanks for having me yesterday! :)
Just the girls! :). Joe was a little outta place ;) so fun! @sharondastur
Amazing time hangin with @ZsharonD @sharondastur last week at lunch! :) sweet sweet lady! :)
I desperately miss @charlessweet !!!! Can not wait to get home n see him ! :)
I luv @22jhamp and @lesterme !!! :) at our show last week! :) #latergram
I'm wearing robot socks today for all to see !
Good morning Ohio ! Me n @dustinsauder r ready to face the day! Lets go! ( I'm still waking up) ha ha
Rockin out with all these amazing girls @therevolvetour ! :)
Me and @tiffanythurston !!!! I can't wait to see her and @therevolvetour team this weekend! She is so beautiful in every way! :) #thankGodforgoodfriends
Meeting some amazing fans! ( friends) :)
A lil behind the scenes photo shoot @iheartradio
Interview time @iheartradio ! :)
Today I got to visit @iheartradio ! :) so fun!
My new friends @theB985 !!!! Thank u for having me! Loved meeting ya'll ! :)
So great to meet Matt @wpst yesterday! :) woop woop
Had such a great time meeting @maxwellshouse , @q102Philly !!! Thank u so much for having me!
On set @myfoxny ! :)
Got to meet the beautiful @McKaylaMaroney this morning! :)
me and @roscotto! :) #GoodDayNY
@myfoxny great to meet @roscotto @gregkellyfox5 yah!! :) GoodDayNY
Singing this morning on @myfoxny #gdny ! :)
@ps22choir ! :) an amazing experience! Videos coming soon! :)
Just left @ps22choir in Staten Island ! :) these kids r incredible ! :)
I love this! My sweet lil jos! :)
Doing an interview for @teennick top ten countdown with @nickcannon ! :) #GOLD
Great to stop by @teennick this morning and meet @nickcannon ! Thanks for having me! :)
Just got off my first train! I liked it! Now I'm in NYC! :)
Playing a private show @kiss957 so fun!
@kiss957 with the one and only John Mayer !
Had a great time today with JB @kiss957 ! :)
Great time with @ashallann @fly923 last night! Thank u for all your support :)
Hope your enjoying the new remixes of Gold today, she is! :) #fanart
Hey friends! It is here! #GOLD with 2 new dance remixes of gold, all new pics, and the gold music video ! Thanks @itunesmusic for your love! :)
@1079syracuse thank u for all your support! :)
Had to do this today! My fav Barbeque spot in Syracuse NY! Dinosaur BBQ ! :) so good!
Got to meet this sweet girl today @1079syracuse ! She was singing and dancing with me! :)
@1079syracuse had a wonderful time ! :)
Such a great time @1079syracuse today! :) thank u for making our day awsome!
More beautiful sweet friends @kiss985buffalo !
Blury , but it's me and my new friend jud @kiss985buffalo
#1day!! #GOLD #feb26
More sweet winners @kiss985buffalo :)
@kiss985buffalo tonight with sweet winners! :)
#GOLD #2days #feb26
Some mornings u just have to wake up and put on a big hello kitty hat! :)
Guess where I'm going now?
Wow friends thank you for making the #goldmusicvideo #6 on iTunes! :) you guys are incredible!
Loved being with all these AMAZING girls @therevolvetour today! :) photo stolen from @tiffanythurston haha !
Just THREE MORE DAYS until re-release of #GOLD!! Tweet a pic of #GOLD & u might get something fun! :)
With my sweet new friend Macaul @ryanseacrest, @ryanfoundation in Dallas.
Hey @ryanseacrest, so enjoyed visiting the @ryanfoundation in Dallas today! Loved meeting the patients!:) it was an honor!
Sanging again @mix961sa !
This is what we do ! :) sing songs for amazing people! :) @mix961sa
Yesterday with @chasemradio @mix961sa thank u so much for having us! :)
Lookin out at the sunshine :) goodbye Utah hello Texas! :)
Me n Jeff @971zht ! :)
Great time @971zht . Thank u sooo much for having us! :)
#GOLD #4days #feb26
#GOLD #5days #feb26
@mix1079fm so much fun!
#harlemshake :) doin it!
Last night with this pretty lady ! :) @HOT_1035 @latindiva1035
Goodbye Cali! Hello Utah! Woke up at 3:30 am to come see u guys! :)
Last night With some sweet winners @HOT_1035 yah! :)
@HOT_1035 with @latindiva1035 last night! :) so much fun!!!!! :)
Meeting some of the sweetest fans today! :) @1079theend ! :)
Hangin with @raystyles1035 ! He's a cool dude! :)
Good Times @1079theend ! :) thank u for having us @ckontheradio @nikkinite947 ! :)
Goodbye Vegas! Hello Sacramento! :)
Ha ha ha ! :)
Ummmm why am I dressed as tiger @my931vegas ? U will find out soon.
Talking with @johiah_ !!!!! Ye aaaaaa!
About to sing @my931vegas Woop woop ! :)
Just arrived in Las Vegas! Palm trees are my favorite tree! :)
Me n @frankievizzle . thank u for all the hard questions today! :) jk we had a lot of fun!
Thank u @channel933 for having us today! :)
A very nice friend had these awaiting our arrival into San Diego ! :) yummy!
Sneak peak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On @itunes feb 26 !
Signed these for some fans! :) it's almost here! GOLD FEB 26 ! :)
Standing in line to board my first flight of many. over the next 21 days I will go to CA NV UT TX NY CT OH KY IL WI IA MO FL. Lets go! :)
He's cute!
Finishing touches before heading out! :)
Really cool ! Rihanna, me, Adele, and Natasha! :)
Me n sweet Jo @thegrammys ! :)
Me and my beautiful momma @thegrammys !
@thegrammys we were having fun!
Hello @thegrammys ! :) first time on the red carpet! Lots of fun!
Me and my baby on the 8th row @thegrammys ! :) such a great night! :)
Presenting @thegrammys ! :) I'm having so much fun! :)
Just landed in LA! in the shuttle to go get out car, guess what's in this bag?
My dinner !
Thank u friends for making #gold #1 on @itunes! :) you rule!
Happy 7months to the man who makes my heart beat! I'm in love with you! :)
Sooo many sweet and AMAZING fans @g105radio event! :) #wearegold
With these rockstars @g105radio !!! :) great night of music, food, n bowling! :) Thank you @zacg105 @cobiontheradio
@1057hitmusicnow ! My eyes r closed, but I have on glitter pants so it cancels out!
@1057hitmusicnow with Jo Jo ! :) havin fun!
@1075kzl with Jason goodman! :)
Me and @josie1075kzl ! She's sweet! And has the cutest daughter! Thanks for recommending the taco spot! Sooo good!
On air @1075kzl :) Greensboro !!!!! :)
Me and @jaggeronair Chillen @z100newyork He's the best! :)
Me and @reidontheradio @channel961 ! Thank you for rockin GOLD! :)
@channel961 hanging out with @_tracyleigh ! :) thanks Tracy for having us!
Hanging with @pastorofpain Amazing guy and former NFL player! Could be my bodyguard!
Day 2 radio tour seeing friends @newlife919
So good to hang with @jonathan_reed :) thanks for the support ! :)
Day 2 of radio tour! Sweet friends from @1047wnok !!! :)
Strike!!:) @kiss951wkns
Day 1 of the radio tour! :) so much fun bowling with @kiss951wnks and all these sweet fans! :)
Woo hoo! @thegrammys are almost here! I feel a little nervous already! :) I know it will b a BLAST! :) God is good! :)
So cool to be on the front page of @thegrammys today! :) check it out! :)
This makes me happy! @jennwilklove :)
Yah! Thank you guys for making the #goldmusicvideo #10 on @itunes ! :) sweet! :)
These r my fav crackers! Perfect with any soup! And they're #golden , seriously though I love them
Be sure to enter the #EverythingGold giveaway! Can’t wait for one of y’all to get these goodies!
You are braver than u think! U might feel like a kitty but you are a lion! :)
2 of my favorite things! Fresh flowers and a good candle! :) home sweet home!
a gelato treat from @wholefoods , sometimes it's the little things
Behind the scenes of the #goldmusicvideo :)
@musicchoice interview in NYC ! :) lots of fun
NYC @canalroom ! :)
Cute pic that @leighbelz took of my arm candy at lunch in NYC !
Taking a pic of my handsome man @juicycouture in NYC after he bought me a sweet lil gift! :) #nofilter
Shopping with @littleleap @okmagazine @topshop ! Love this girl! So much fun!
Hey @vevo we loved stopping by! Thank u sooo much for taking time to hang with us! :)
Thank u @itunesmusic for supporting my GOLD EP! :) loved hanging with u last week!
Ha ha a fan made and sent this to me! :) I guess these guys are pretty excited!
Almost here! :) this is the first chance to get the official GOLD music video, and 2 new dance remixes of GOLD! :) holler! :)
TOMORROW!! :) Who's been counting down with me?! :) #GoldEP @iTunesMusic #1Day
#GoldEP @iTunesMusic in #2Days yah!!!! :)
Goodbye LA to NYC we go! :)
Thank u @nickelodeontv and @teennick for letting us play some songs for you! :) I had so much fun! :)
Love this pic from @theroxy with @lesterme @22jhamp :)
Coffee with my love in NYC ! :) so glad your here @charlessweet :)
#GoldEP is almost here! Gonna be the best @iTunesMusic Tuesday ever!!!! :) #3Days
:) dreams do come true! I wanted to reach millions and I'm getting to live that dream! Dream big people! :)
So cool to be driving down Hollywood blvd in LA and see my pic on the side of @capitolrecords! :) yah!
#GoldEP @iTunesMusic #4Days
Got to hang with @jakewhetter@whoisernied @radiodisney this week! :) sooo fun!
Haha went to Starbucks today and this song was playing….. :)
Yah! On air with @radiodisney ! :)
Tacos in LA! :) yummmmmm!!!!! :)
:) @capitolrecords ! :) getting ready to sing!
Singing @capitolrecords studio!:) such a GREAT room! :)
Thanks @itunes for having me today! I had a great time! :)
Just visited @itunes in San Jose! :) had a great time and I got to meet the Beatles! :)
Only #5Days to go!! #GoldEP @iTunesMusic
Look at all those people rockin there CROWNS! :) #wearegold ! @theroxy @capitolrecords
Just played @theroxy in LA and had an AMAZING time! :) #thankful
#GoldEP next Tuesday @iTunesMusic… so excited it's almost here!!! :) #6Days
So exciting… #GoldEP in #7Days!! It's the first time you can download the official video for #Gold!!
fruits n veggies !!!!! Healthy start to 2013!
Thank you @extremewinter for having us! :) lives were changed forever! :)
Everybody in Gatlinburg TN for @extremewinter :)
Good week back on the road! @extremewinter and NYE with the team!
Thank you @itunes for naming #gold one of the best albums of 2012 ! :) your the best!
I had so much fun on my lunch date with @LittleLeaP from @hellogiggles,
Last night of #hitsdeeptour :) Now …. Home for Christmas!
Last night of #hitsdeeptour :) Now …. Home for Christmas!
Don't be ashamed to wear your crown! :) #gold
Don't be ashamed to wear your crown! :) #gold
#hitsdeeptour girls! Thanks @officialtobymac for the awsome shirts! :)
#hitsdeeptour girls! Thanks @officialtobymac for the awsome shirts! :)
Tonight = last night of #hitsdeeptour :) tutu and gold converse here we go! :)
NASHVILLE ! :) can't wait to see you tonight! :)
This is happening! :) thriller dance game! Guess who's winning? :)
Shine! :)
#hitsdeeptour tonight! Christmas tree pyramid comin to ya! :)
Singing! :)
Tonight at #hitsdeeptour :) thanks Hershey, PA for coming out!
Happy Birthday to the sweetest, most patient, amazing husband! :) he made my dreams come true! I love you babe! :) @charlessweet
Sweet girls! :) I love them! :) #hitsdeeptour
Here's the other half! @siriusXMHits1
Here's the schedule, ill post the other half! :) @siriusXMHits1
Go listen! :) I'm hosting all weekend! :) @siriusXMHits1 … Such a good time with great people! :)
So excited to be hosting @siriusXMHits1 this weekend! :) check it out ya'll! :)
Miss u @charlessweet :) NYC was fun! :)
Tonight on the #hitsdeeptour :)
It's a winter wonderland on the #hitsdeeptour
#hitsdeeptour started back up last night in Toledo, OH and tonight we hit Fairfax VA! :)
Found out last night that I am nominated for a Grammy for #gold ! :) I am so excited and thankful! :)
Walking walking , feet hurting, but love NYC!
NYC is a beaut!
Wearing these shoes today! Those studs are a weapon.
After hair n make up, it took 3 days, ha ha Jk, just now posting cuz I been busy!
Early morning hair and make up! :) I'm falling asleep, haha:)


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