We are all so happy to be going home today with our sweet healthy baby boy, Adin Jerusalem Crosby ! :) God is good! In tears! :)
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So excited to announce the birth of our beautiful son! :) born at 4:33 this morning and weighing 8 pounds! :) he's my lil hero! I love him soooo much!!!!
Good Morning everyone!!!! :) So excited to share with you the first clip from #theREMIXES. This is one of my all time favorite songs that I have ever written. This song is the cry of my heart and the cry of many of yours, and that's why we chose to put it on the album. Nothing is impossible, even though sometimes we feel small, or weak, we can and will change the world!!!! My hope is that these songs come to life again for you as they have for me with these amazing new remixes! :) love u all! …. And it's only 15 sec, wait till u hear the whole song!!! :) yah!!
Doing some work in my office and this lil love bug keeps coming in…. Ha ha, I don't mind though, she's the best interruption ! :) #lovebeingamommy
Excited to share with you the tracklist for #THEREMIXES!!! Available #march17!
Me and @rodneyjerkins workin up some magic! :) and… I'm 39 weeks pregnant as of yesterday! :) #babycomingsoon :) #blessed
Hangin out in dads studio with my hat and scarf ha ha. Had to wear it! :)
Press release out today! :) soon I'll be posting clips of #theremixes :) stay tuned! :)
Today I worked at House of Blues studio on some new music for yall!!!! :)
You did it!!! Here is the cover for #theremixes dropping #march17 !!!!
Excited to announce that I am releasing a REMIX RECORD on #MARCH 17 ! :) I've taken several of your favorite songs off of "Say It," "The Lost get Found," and "Gold," and made them feel brand new!!! :) I'm so grateful for all your love and support of these 3 records and I think your going to LOVE these new versions! :) Right now you can head over to my twitter page to help unlock the ALBUM COVER! :) yahhhhhh!!!!!

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