#31daysofthankfulness . :) Today I'm thankful for super market trips with my kids! It's the little things that I enjoy after being on tour for 6 months. I love just taking care of them. Going to the store, picking out groceries together, riding in the big truck buggies haha, and then sometimes we grab lunch and sit outside before coming home for naps:) today we had a turkey and cheese sub with barbecue chips and watched the rain come down! It was fun! #enjoythelittlethings
#31daysofthankfulness continues today …because yesterday I was too busy being momma and didn't get a chance to post! I might post two things today to catch up …. Today I am thankful for adventure! This is something God has been teaching me, and then @v4victree bought me a sign that says "Everyday is a NEW adventure" that really inspired me. It's so easy to get stuck in the mundane of life and never try anything new, never go anywhere, never venture out! I want to look at each day as a new opportunity to LIVE! TRULY LIVE! As a mom and just a woman I can get so stuck on my list that I need to accomplish each day that I forget to breath, I forget to laugh, much less have adventure. As of late, I have been stopping everyday and asking myself what is really important right now. Sometimes I will have a choice between cleaning out a closet, or going for a walk with my kids… Sending an email, or trying out a new song idea. It's easy to go with what's on the list, But try to ask yourself what's really important right now. Don't get me wrong, sometimes we have to get what's on the list done, but sometimes we need to stop and have an adventure. taken by me in Florida. Daddy and AJ trying out daddy's new long board! :) this is daddy's new adventure :)️
JOY tour nights with these loves :) @v4victree @mrsanniedixon
If you wanna get to know my team more you can head to this link to see how amazing they are :) Do it!!!! . Link also in profile
#31daysofthankfulness Continues today with none other than my 2nd FAM….my team, my brothers and sisters, my friends, my tour buddies, my ketchup to my French fries, ok it's going too far…. Every person in this pic ( @v4victree , @robnixmd , @22jhamp , @laneyredmon , @timdillon , @johnaustingray , @taylorgrubbs, @abattle216 , @andreafrieze and Uncle T , I love with my whole heart! They give me the strength every single night to go out and sing, love on people, and hopefully bring someone hope! They are incredibly talented, humble, and full of life and joy! I would not be able to do this without their help! I love u guys and I'm so happy that we get to do this together! 🏼🏼🐈.
#31daysofthankfulness continues today with my family ! Tears… I love this bunch right here ! Being a mommy to Ella and Adin is everything! It's just everything, so much joy!!! I love u babies more than you could ever know! …more than the grass is green and more than the sand on the beach :) ( as my dad use to say to me when I was a little girl ) We are gonna change the world together, and we are going to have so much fun doing it️. taken by me on Easter Sunday
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My friend @officialtobymac started a dope clothing line called @macblklbl !!!! Seriously go check them out right now and pick up some sweet new gear! 🏼
I LOVE EVERYBODY ON THIS STAGE!!! Thank you @officialtobymac for an incredible tour!!!!! :) and for the best tour prank ever #fashionshow #hitsdeeptour #thankful
Thank you Milwaukee!!! We love you!!! ️#hitsdeeptour
Omaha I love you guys!! Y'all were the bomb!! #hitsdeeptour

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